You’re Glowing! The Public Radio Halo Effect

We’re going to let you in on a little secret – it’s not just you who gets that warm and fuzzy feeling when you hear the words “Support for Michigan Radio comes from…” As either an individual member or a corporate sponsor, it feels great to know that you are supporting a valuable service that supports the communities we live and work in.

The ‘Halo Effect’ is a term coined to describe this feeling. Defined as “the positive sentiment that listeners have towards companies that support the community service of NPR and public radio stations” the Halo Effect is a powerful marketing tool for the utilization of our sponsors.

The Halo Effect continues to provide clear benefits to sponsors including perceptions of quality, credibility and communication connection. In order to maintain the Halo Effect’s powerful sentiment, we uphold a set of best practices that survey participants have said enhance their consideration of public radio. Those practices include:

  • Focusing on branding and community messages, as opposed to laundry lists of product attributes
  • Limiting the length of messages to 15 seconds
  • Limiting the number of messages read at once to a maximum of 3, but usually 1 or 2.

No listeners report changing channels due to sponsorship announcements – in contrast to commercial radio behavior. We work very hard to produce and broadcast content that our listeners respect and enjoy. Through your sponsorship you are part of that effort and our listeners recognize and support that.

Instant Trust, Credibility, and Confidence: The Halo Effect and Michigan Radio