What to Expect: Digital Sponsorship

  • Contract: Contracts must be fully signed before your display ad can be posted. Digital sponsorship agreements require a contract separate from your radio schedule contract.
  • Approval Process: Creatives that do not meet required guidelines may result in the delay of your scheduled start date. We recommend that you submit your creatives for approval several weeks before your start date. Your Michigan Radio Consultant will work with you throughout the approval process. Full design guidelines can be found here.
  • Run Dates: Display ads run for 1 month increments. If you have a schedule that runs longer than one month, you may use a different creative for each month of your schedule.
  • Image: Approved desktop and mobile sized images must be submitted no less than 3 business days before schedule begins.
  • Payment: If you have a pre-pay schedule, payment must be received no less than 2 business days before your schedule begins.
  • Rotation: Your display ad will receive engagement equal to that of the other ads on our website at any given time. Your digital sponsorship is not based on impressions or clicks, and amount of impressions or clicks are not guaranteed.

Display Ad samples