The Unique Benefits of Public Radio Sponsorship

Michigan Radio Sponsorship Benefits

Public Radio isn’t just a unique service. Public Radio sponsorship provides a unique set of benefits to its supporters.

Access to highly desirable audience: Public Radio’s audience is affluent, educated, civically active and most importantly influential. From hearing your message on Michigan Radio, to trying your product or visiting your space, Michigan Radio listeners are talking about it – telling their friends, family, coworkers about their wonderful experience.

Distinct from the commercial advertising landscape: An organization is rarely thanked for a billboard on I-94. But we often hear of our sponsors being thanked for supporting Michigan Radio. Choosing Michigan Radio as part of your marketing plans shows that you care about where your marketing dollars are being spent. While Michigan Radio can’t replace every channel of promotion, it’s an important part of integrated marketing campaign.

Increase brand allegiance and buy-in: Our most ardent listeners pay to keep us on the air. Your on-air recognition as a sponsor of Michigan Radio elevates your brand in the minds of those same listeners. You’re just like them – using your hard-earned dollars to contribute to an invaluable service. Just as our members appreciate their pledge drive gifts, you value the messages we read on air to promote your business and events. While they enjoy bringing home their groceries in a Michigan Radio tote bag, you enjoy increased revenue or awareness for your brand.

Enhanced organization image: Through sponsorship your organization will strengthen its reputation through association with one of the most trusted public institutions. Public Radio has built their reputation squarely on journalistic excellence and commitment to public service. If your organization is committed to industry excellence and enhancing your community, reinforce that through your commitment to Michigan Radio.

If your organization is looking to incorporate Public Radio into your marketing strategy, not only will you increase awareness and engagement, you’ll also get to enjoy these exclusive benefits.