Making the Connection (The Invisible ROI, #2)

The Invisible ROI

To continue our conversation on the invisible ROI, we’ll start by digging a little deeper into ROE2 – return on experience x engagement.

Let’s break this down a bit.

What, exactly, is experience?  Every point of connection that your customer makes with your brand is part of their experience. This includes things like making a purchase, using your website, seeing an advertisement, interacting with your product or service, or receiving additional product support.

Engagement has more to do with the way the customer is relating to your brand: sharing their experience on social media, recommending your product and writing a review are all examples of engagement.

The goal is to receive more engagement with positive experiences than with negative, and you can control that by creating more positive experiences for your customers.

It’s not only important that people buy what you’re selling – it’s also important that they buy it again and that they tell their friends about it.  When they “share” you on social media, become “friends”, tweet about you, connect with your brand, which is exactly the point.

Relationship building should start at the very beginning: the first time your potential customer hears about you.

Michigan Radio can help with that.  We reach more than half a million listeners weekly; listeners that care about public radio and care about supporting businesses that support public radio.  Click here to learn more about how the halo effect works.

The more you engage Michigan Radio listeners, the more positive their relationship is with your brand, the more likely it is that they will use your product or service when they need it and the more likely it is that they will tell their friends.

When our listeners hear your spot on the air, it’s as though they are being introduced to you by a trusted friend.

What better relationship starter is there than that?

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