What is reach? Reach is the estimated number of people who will hear your message.

What is frequency? Frequency is the average number of times people will hear your message. Frequency can also refer to our station frequencies, or dial positions, which are 91.1, 91.7 and 104.1.

Can my message be delivered to only one frequency? Michigan Radio simulcasts our content from our station in Ann Arbor to all of our frequencies. This means that your message will be heard on all of our frequencies simultaneously, across the state. Learn more about our listening area here.

How much does sponsorship cost? Sponsorship cost varies. We prefer to build you a schedule based on your needs and what you value most. Contact us and we’ll help you design a custom schedule.

What is corporate sponsorship and how is it different than underwriting? Sponsorship and underwriting are different words for the same thing. Corporate sponsorship is the financial support of Michigan Radio by a business (not an individual). In exchange for your financial support, Michigan Radio will air your messages to our listeners.

Since Michigan Radio is a non-profit, is my sponsorship cost a tax write-off? We suggest that you discuss with your tax professional how best to account for your sponsorship dollars.

Why can’t I have a produced commercial on Michigan Radio? As a non-profit public radio station, Michigan Radio is required to follow guidelines set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Some of the copy guidelines for your message include things like ‘no call to action’ or ‘non-promotional’. Research shows that our listeners respond best to these types of messages. Learn more about the halo effect here. Learn more about copy guidelines here.

How long does it take to get my message on the air? What about my digital message? It can vary, but you can get some ideas about lead times for your on-air message here and about your digital image here.

What are the guidelines for digital sponsorship? You can find a guide, including specs and samples here.

Image Requirements