Michigan Radio Delivers to YOUR Target Audience

By Christa Quinn, Account Executive

“We’ve never been a media brand that’s been about one side, being left or being right. Our side is the truth. We’ve always felt that by getting to the truth and the facts behind something, that allows people to be better informed, be better citizens and make better decisions on their own.” These aren’t my words, they are the words of Steve Smith, Chief Marketing Officer of NPR, stated in a recent article about NPR’s continued rise in audience numbers.

Never before has truth been more important, but telling the truth has been the mission of NPR and Michigan Radio all along. The public radio audience continues to hear more balanced information. From broadcast to digital, through the pandemic and now our global crisis of racial inequality, reaching Michigan Radio’s audience is of the utmost importance. The most frequent question a corporate sponsor asks of me when we are discussing potential campaigns: who will I reach? The basic demographic information is displayed in the following image:

NPR listeners aren’t only tuning in; they’re making NPR part of their lives – 80% agree that NPR is personally important to them. The unwavering commitment to high-quality journalism and storytelling is what sets NPR apart, attracting a loyal, curious and influential audience. And listener engagement extends to sponsors – 66% of NPR listeners prefer to buy products from companies that support NPR Stations.

If you want to reach this super keyed-in audience across multiple platforms contact us for additional details.