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Michigan Radio: Good For You, Good For Michigan

Michigan Radio has the high-quality audience that you have been trying to reach. Our audience cares about the content that we bring to them and they care about our sponsors. Our listeners are engaged: 74% said that they are more likely to do business with a company that sponsors public radio.

Our listeners care about Michigan – just like you do. Just like we do. We know that our listeners care because of their high level of engagement with projects like The Next Idea and State of Opportunity and programs like StateSide with Cynthia Canty.

Good For You, Good For Michigan


Your sponsorship dollars support the programs and projects that we produce at the station as well as helping us remain an NPR News station.

Let our listeners know that you care about what they care about.

Michigan Radio is good for Michigan.
Your sponsorship of Michigan Radio lets our audience know that you are good for Michigan, too.

Industry Spotlight: Educational Events

Michigan Radio believes in the power of education and so do our listeners. Because our audience is actively engaged in the community, they have an interest in educational programming.

For example, our listeners are 178% more likely to attend a public rally or speech and 78% of listeners have an interest in the welfare of society.

With 86% of our listeners valuing their education, your message will reach a broad, intellectual base of listeners that are uniquely capable of supporting events that they are passionate about.

Contact us to find out more about how a Michigan Radio Corporate Sponsorship can help promote your educational event and watch your audience grow!

Reaching out to Michigan

As a Michigan Radio Sponsor, you’ll reach the most coveted of audiences available: discerning, affluent, educated, engaged.

Perhaps more importantly, you’ll reach that audience where YOU are doing business.

Michigan Radio’s listening area reaches all of southern Michigan, from coast to coast. If you are doing business in Michigan, we have the audience for you, with our signal reaching 80% of the population of the state!

Contact us to find out more about how you can reach the right audience in the right area to build your brand awareness!

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Insights, Not Soundbites: Cutting Through The Clutter

Your message will stand out on Michigan Radio.

Why?  Because we have very little clutter.

Michigan Radio limits the number of sponsors and the number of messages per program.  This means that our listeners are not inundated with spot after spot about our sponsors, giving your message greater impact and a greater chance to influence the buying decisions of our listeners.

Traditional advertising is written to cut through the clutter.  All the “ACT NOW!!”, “SHOP TODAY!”, “LIMITED TIME OFFER” of commercial radio is designed to grab the attention of the audience because, while they are “dialed in” to the station, they certainly are not dialed in to the ads.

As a matter of fact, one-third of commercial radio listeners say that they always or usually change stations during the 16-26 minutes of commercials per hour.

Michigan Radio typically airs 1-2 minutes of live-read underwriting credits per hour, surrounded by our high quality programming. Your message, delivered calmly by our respected on-air hosts, is received as unobtrusive and tasteful: well over half of public radio listeners (59%) agree that they pay attention to sponsorship announcements.

Have you been considering a Michigan Radio corporate sponsorship?  We can answer your questions and get you on the road to sharing your message with our highly desirable audience.  Contact us for more info!

Industry Spotlight: Insurance Providers

In the rapidly changing industry, it is essential to build relationships with decision makers at businesses that are seeking insurance solutions that you can provide.

In fact, our listeners are 98% more likely than the  average American to be the purchaser of insurance at their place of work, and with 53% of listeners  obtaining their medical insurance from their places of work, reaching out directly to individuals looking to purchase policies in the healthcare marketplace is essential to diversifying your client base.

In Addition, The Affordable Care Act has increased the number of people with insurance, but many of the newly insured have Medicaid or Medicaid HMO plans, which have a lower profit and higher rate of claim. NPR  listeners are 67% more likely than the average American to have a traditional fee-for-service health plan and half as likely to have Medicaid, meaning that you can sell your high quality insurance services to those who are looking for just that.

Michigan Radio can reach the audience that is looking for YOU to meet their insurance needs.

Contact us to find out more about how a Michigan Radio Corporate Sponsorship can help you grow your health insurance business!


The Relevance of Radio

With a continuously expanding buffet of choices in media, the world seems to bounce from one screen to another, inundated with information and selections.

Where does radio fit in to this new world – more importantly, does it still fit in?

You may be surprised to know that 91% of Americans still listen to radio every week.  Which makes radio the most consumed media.

Radio is reaching all ages and all races – every demographic is tuning in.

  • 86.5% of Millennials spend an average of 12 hours per week with radio

  • 89.9% of Gen-Xers spend an average of 16 hours per week with radio

  • 86.8% of Boomers spend an average of 16 hours per week with radio


Radio is always on and always local.  There is a personal connection between the listener and the host – there’s just something about listening to someone talk when you’re driving.  It’s a conversation – a relationship really.

Michigan Radio’s listeners are committed to listening to our locally produced content as well as the NPR content that we provide.

Our audience is engaged – isn’t it time you found out how you can get them to engage with your brand?

Radio is still relevant – consider a Michigan Radio Corporate Sponsorship to ensure that you remain relevant, too.

Source: Nielsen National Regional Database, Fall 2014, M-Su 6am-Midnight, non PPM Markets

Insights, Not Sound Bites: Building Relationships with Public Radio

The Principles of Public MediaPublic broadcasting includes media outlets that operate as a public service.  Unlike commercial broadcasting, public media is non-profit and operates from donations from private citizens and businesses.*

In previous posts on the principles of public media, we talked about what supporting a strong civil society means to us and how we do it with integrity.

This time we’re going to talk about how important building relationships are to our mission.

We rely on our community to provide us with their perspective, knowledge and experiences and to be a part of the conversations that we are having on a regular basis.  In return, we work hard to be respectful, honest and effective in the services that we provide.

We also rely on our community to support us financially, both personally and with corporate sponsorship.  We understand that businesses need their dollars to work for them, so we make sure that we help you find the best message schedule for your branding or event campaign.

Our account executives aren’t just here to sell air time – we are here because we care about the mission of Michigan Radio. More than that, we care about your business – we want to see you thrive and celebrate your success along side of you!

Click on “The Principles of Public Media” under categories to see more in this series.

Source: http://pmintegrity.org/pm_docs/PrinciplesofPublicMedia_001.pdf

*For more information about where NPR and NPR member stations get their funding, click here.

Good For You, Good For Michigan: State of Opportunity

Sponsoring public radio is “smart-marketing” –our listeners think so* and so do our sponsors!

Check out what Pauline from Short’s Brewing Co. had to say about sponsoring Michigan Radio:

“Michigan Radio is a smart way to increase our brand awareness across the state of Michigan. Their dedication to covering the state of Michigan aligns well with Short’s commitment to this great state, and we appreciate their educational approach to programming. We have received positive feedback from our fans when they have heard our spots. Working with Michigan Radio has been nothing less than a wonderful experience.”

With our high-quality content and our highly engaged audience, a sponsorship of Michigan Radio can position your company as a strong Michigan brand.

Our listeners care about Michigan – just like you do.  Just like we do.  We know that our listeners care because of their high level of engagement with projects like The State of Opportunity, which discusses how to break the cycle of poverty for Michigan’s kids.  With stories about education, abuse, crime and punishment, disabilities, and adoption, The State of Opportunity investigates the plethora of barriers that Michigan children face by asking the question: Can Michigan Kids Get Ahead?

By becoming a Michigan Radio Corporate Sponsor, you let our listeners know that you support the future of Michigan’s kids and of Michigan’s future.

Michigan Radio is good for Michigan.  Sponsorship of Michigan Radio lets our audience know that you are good for Michigan, too.

Source: Lightspeed Research NPR Sponsor Impact Survey, 2009-2012*


Industry Spotlight: Healthcare Providers

Due to Medicare’s quality incentive program, treatment outcomes directly impact your bottom line. Having a well-educated, affluent patient base increases compliance, which improves patient outcome.

The Affordable Care Act has increased the number of people with insurance, but many of the newly insured have Medicaid. While this increases reimbursement, the reimbursements are lower than those received from commercial policies. Michigan Radio is uniquely positioned to reach ideal potential patients with your message.

Contact us to find out more about how a Michigan Radio Corporate Sponsorship can help you grow your healthcare business!

Branding with Michigan Radio: Customer Experience

In part one of the ‘Branding with Michigan Radio’ series, we defined branding. You can read that here.  In part two, we talked about the perception of your brand, which you can read here.

In this part of the Branding with Michigan Radio series, we’re going to talk about how your customer’s experience impacts your brand.

Solidify your customer’s positive perception by giving them an EXPERIENCE to remember.

In part two, Bill heard how great you are, he’s in the store and you need to back that up by actually being great.  If that smart manager he heard about lets Bill down, any positive perception that he may have had is out the window.

If you give Bill a good experience, you have reinforced the perceptions that you have built with your branding strategy and your marketing tactics.

We’re sure that your organization has the ability to deliver a positive experience – but how are you getting the word out about that experience?

Contact us to increase the positive perception of YOUR organization today!

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