Insights, Not Soundbites: Serving with Integrity

The Principles of Public MediaPublic broadcasting includes media outlets that operate as a public service.  Unlike commercial broadcasting, public media is non-profit and operates from donations from private citizens and businesses.

In previous posts on the principles of pubic media, we talked about what supporting a strong civil society means to us and how we do it.

This time we’re going to talk about how we maintain our integrity while we serve our community.

In order to continue to build and maintain our reputation as a trusted, reliable and honest source of information, it is essential for us comply with FCC rules in every facet.

This impacts corporate sponsors because the FCC regulates the messages that public media can broadcast about their sponsors, including both the length and content (check out the FCC rules here).

The benefit of these rules is that Michigan Radio and all public media escape the high traffic advertising area of commercial media. Your message doesn’t have to be bigger, better, louder or faster to reach our audience – as Michigan Radio listener’s, they love the uncluttered, subtle support that your corporate sponsorship dollars provide.

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