Insights, Not Sound Bites: How We Serve

The Principles of Public Media

Public broadcasting includes media outlets that operate as a public service.  Unlike commercial broadcasting, public media is non-profit and operates from donations from private citizens and businesses.

In our previous post on the principles of pubic media, we talked about what supporting a strong civil society means to us, as a station.

This time we’re going to talk about how we actually go about doing just that.

Projects and programs like Stateside, The Next Idea, State of Opportunity and The Environment Report are original to Michigan Radio. That means that we research, interview, write and produce these stories right here at the station.

With these programs and projects, we work to engage our listeners in conversation that gets them involved in what is happening in our state, how it impacts each of us and how we can be a part of positive change.

As a corporate sponsor, your dollars help to make these vital programs and projects possible.  Without you we wouldn’t have Issues & Ale discussions, It’s Just Politics or Michigan Watch! We appreciate your support and will keep putting your dollars to work in important ways!

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