Image Requirements

You may be asked for a variety of different images and logos during the course of your sponsorship with Michigan Radio.  This space is reserved for the specs and requirements of the images that we may ask you for.

Digital Sponsorship on
  • Sizes
    • Both Desktop & Mobile sizes of creative are required for any digital schedule on
      • Desktop: 300×250
      • Mobile/Responsive: 320×50
    • DPI: Required 72 dpi for all digital sponsorship creatives
    • File Type: JPG or GIF are accepted (no animated images)
    • Click-Through: You must provide a link that you would like your ad to click through to

Examples of desktop and mobile/responsive digital creatives

Desktop size 300×250, 72 dpi
Mobile/Responsive example 320×20 72 dpi

 Sponsorship Website Logo
  • Sponsors who contribute $10,000 or more qualify for a rotating logo on
  • Image must be your logo with no additional information. This may not be promotional
    • 500×125, 72 dpi
    • JPG or GIF are accepted (no animated images)
  • Your logo will click through to the homepage of your website

Sponsorship Website Logo Samples