Good For You, Good For Michigan: State of Opportunity

Sponsoring public radio is “smart-marketing” –our listeners think so* and so do our sponsors!

Check out what Pauline from Short’s Brewing Co. had to say about sponsoring Michigan Radio:

“Michigan Radio is a smart way to increase our brand awareness across the state of Michigan. Their dedication to covering the state of Michigan aligns well with Short’s commitment to this great state, and we appreciate their educational approach to programming. We have received positive feedback from our fans when they have heard our spots. Working with Michigan Radio has been nothing less than a wonderful experience.”

With our high-quality content and our highly engaged audience, a sponsorship of Michigan Radio can position your company as a strong Michigan brand.

Our listeners care about Michigan – just like you do.  Just like we do.  We know that our listeners care because of their high level of engagement with projects like The State of Opportunity, which discusses how to break the cycle of poverty for Michigan’s kids.  With stories about education, abuse, crime and punishment, disabilities, and adoption, The State of Opportunity investigates the plethora of barriers that Michigan children face by asking the question: Can Michigan Kids Get Ahead?

By becoming a Michigan Radio Corporate Sponsor, you let our listeners know that you support the future of Michigan’s kids and of Michigan’s future.

Michigan Radio is good for Michigan.  Sponsorship of Michigan Radio lets our audience know that you are good for Michigan, too.

Source: Lightspeed Research NPR Sponsor Impact Survey, 2009-2012*