Extend Your Reach with Digital Sponsorship

We are so much more than radio…Michigan Radio’s digital sponsorship reaches a significant, tech-savvy audience. Our listeners rely on our website for in-depth, expanded news coverage in addition to our radio broadcast. Our sponsor’s web tiles are prominently featured on all of our website’s pages. With an average of 900,000 page views per month your web tile will be seen by a large, dedicated audience.

Utilizing Michigan Radio’s digital assets will give your organization increased exposure with our audience, signaling your loyalty and support of a service they love.

Our display ads offer direct click-through to the landing page of your choosing. Sponsors promoting events can utilize the web tile to bolster ticket pre-sales. Your beautiful website can be directly accessed from Michiganradio.org by the people you want to see it. Our educated, loyal, and community-minded readers will look to support organizations that support their NPR news station, Michigan Radio.

Your display ad image, like your message, will stand out because of the above-the-fold position. Michigan Radio digital sponsorship will drive traffic to your website increasing exposure, while fostering a connection between you and our listeners who want to support organizations with their same values.  Michigan Radio digital sponsorship can be your primary strategy or complimentary to your current radio schedule. Digital sponsorship gives you the opportunity to build relationships with a special community of Michigan Radio listeners while strengthening the message of your organization.

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