Building on Your Foundation (The Invisible ROI, #3)

In our Invisible ROI series, we’ve discussed the type of return on investment that you receive when you build real relationships with your customers, including the importance of engagement with your brand. Social Media has become an important part of engaging with customers online.  It gives you another touch point with customers and allows them… Continue reading Building on Your Foundation (The Invisible ROI, #3)

Making the Connection (The Invisible ROI, #2)

To continue our conversation on the invisible ROI, we’ll start by digging a little deeper into ROE2 – return on experience x engagement. Let’s break this down a bit. What, exactly, is experience?  Every point of connection that your customer makes with your brand is part of their experience. This includes things like making a… Continue reading Making the Connection (The Invisible ROI, #2)

Immeasurable Returns (The Invisible ROI, #1)

Everyone wants to see a measurable return on their investment, whether investing time, energy or capital. But, let’s be frank: some things are immeasurable. You would never consider, for example, applying ROI to your relationship with your spouse, children or closest friends, would you? It’s also more difficult than you might think to determine the… Continue reading Immeasurable Returns (The Invisible ROI, #1)