Building on Your Foundation (The Invisible ROI, #3)

The Invisible ROI

In our Invisible ROI series, we’ve discussed the type of return on investment that you receive when you build real relationships with your customers, including the importance of engagement with your brand.

Social Media has become an important part of engaging with customers online.  It gives you another touch point with customers and allows them to interact with your brand directly, giving you immediate relationship building results.

It can be hard to know how to balance what you’re sharing on Social Media so your base is engaged without over-sharing and scaring them away.

Here are a few tips that we have found helpful:

  1. Be of service: What is your area of expertise?  If you’re great at building bee hives and know a lot about bee keeping, that’s what you should be talking about.  Share information that is helpful to your customers and they will remember you for it!

  2. Be friendly: Every post shouldn’t be a call-to-action. People don’t respond to someone constantly pounding on their door and begging them to buy their product. Social Media is no exception.  If you do use a call-to-action, make sure you highlight that you want to be helpful to your customer.

  3. Be responsive: Many customers will engage with your brand directly on Social Media by posting on your page, tweeting at you or mentioning you in a comment – be responsive to them! This holds true whether they are complimenting or complaining – address both in a timely and professional manner.  Remember that this is a public forum; how you present yourself is how the world will see you!

There are a lot of great tools and tips to help make your Social Media experience easier – check out our toolbox for some of our favorites.

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