Be Seen! Make Part of Your Plan

Michigan Radio’s digital assets are becoming increasingly more important to our sponsors’ marketing strategies.

If you aren’t already utilizing Michigan Radio Digital Sponsorship to gain traction with our audience, take a look at the unique benefits this investment offers:

  • Measurable – Your webtile on is trackable!  You can measure engagement though your website’s analytics by designating a specific landing page or by tracking traffic from

  • Visual – Your digital sponsorship allows you to connect a graphic representation of your organization to your radio message. In addition to telling our audience what you’re about, you’ll also be able to show them your brand.

  • Unobtrusive – As with everything we do, our promotional messages are unobtrusive and have the feel our audience has come to love and appreciate. Our simple web tiles signal to our online audience that you support a service they trust and depend on.

  • Small Investment for a Large Audience – Our web tiles are prominently featured on With an average of more than 900,000 pageviews per month in 2018*, extends your radio schedule to our online audience. Our webtiles are priced by the month, versus by impression or click, allowing your rotating webtile to get as many views as possible.  Webtiles are also discounted when paired with a radio schedule.

Have you thought about including Digital Sponsorship as part of your marketing campaign with Michigan Radio? What’s holding you back? Contact us to discuss!

*Source: Google Analytics of, January – December 2018 pageviews/average per month.