Michigan Radio Sponsor Testimonials – What Our Sponsors Are Saying

“As a family owned business we are passionate about supporting local. Michigan Radio’s listeners are our friends, family and community that we have lovingly spent over 41 years with, working one on one with our clients to create a piece of jewelry that is perfect for their occasion!”

Pippa Creffield, Designer & MSAA Board Member, Abracadabra Jewelry

“We, here at the Alden B. Dow Home and Studio, believe Public Radio is an outstanding value and are proud and excited to support it. Michigan Radio reaches a large audience that is the right demographic for our organization. It helps us reach the right people so they become aware of us and want to utilize our services. We are proud to sponsor Michigan Radio and would recommend sponsorship to other businesses and organizations.”

Craig McDonald, Director, Alden B. Dow Home & Studio


“We are so pleased with our sponsorship of Michigan Radio. Every time we include them as part of our marketing efforts we receive inquiring phone calls. Michigan Radio’s large audience allows our messages to reach parents who are willing to take the next step and research our programs. We are very proud to support Michigan Radio and their programming.”

Meredith Schindler, Director, Ann Arbor Academy

“The Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority has been a proud sponsor of Michigan Radio for many years.  Michigan Radio reaches the citizens in the region who need to be informed of, and provide input to TheRide regarding the wide array of transportation services we provide.  We value the community service that Michigan Radio provides, which mirrors the same strong commitment we at the AAATA have to the communities we both serve.”

Mary Stasiak, Manager of Community Relations, Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority

“At the Ann Arbor Art Center, our mission is to infuse the power of visual arts in the community through innovative education programming, thought-provoking exhibitions, and arts related events. That mission was accomplished with our outdoor exhibition of contemporary art: POP-X! Michigan Radio was a key partner in promoting the event and helping us invite the community!”

Luisa Puentes, Marketing Manager, Ann Arbor Art Center

“Michigan Radio helped raise the visibility of the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum in our community, and engage more families in our mission. At the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, I see the next generation of scientist, inventor, artist, and technologist. The Museum’s role as catalyst for cognitive growth and personal development is immeasurable; its contribution to this community is irreplaceable.”

Karl Zinn, Trustee, Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum 

“We chose a Michigan Radio sponsorship because we knew that their listeners would be a receptive audience for us.  We had a definitive measurable increase in seats sold for the shows that were featured on-air and we know that our attendees appreciate knowing that we are supporting Michigan Radio.”

Emily Fromm, Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator, Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra

“Michigan Public Radio is a vital lifeline for the Michigan community. Supporting their work was a no-brainer for us. We’ve had the incredible opportunity to invest in a community service we believe in, as well as share our software business with smart, interesting listeners all around the state. Many thanks to Michigan Radio for loving the state that we live in and also for bolstering community businesses like ours. It’s a win-win for everyone!”

Carl Erickson, CEO, Atomic Object

“At Bank of Ann Arbor, helping the communities we serve grow and prosper is at the core of who we are, and what we do. Michigan Radio puts our messages in front of a highly engaged audience of consumers and business owners who share our desire for community success and prosperity.  The ability to tell our story and share our common goals with them has been mutually satisfying as we’ve grown along with the area now for almost 20 years.”

Tim Marshall, President/CEO, Bank of Ann Arbor

“We appreciate our association with Michigan Radio because the support we show gives our product credibility to high quality listeners. We have had a tremendously positive experience working with Michigan Radio and feel as though our sponsorship was effective in promoting our brand to a strong, vast demographic.”

Patricia Corfman, Director of Marketing & Public Relations, Bishop International Airport 

“As a long-time listener to Michigan Radio, I deeply appreciate the quality and depth of the station’s reporting and important role it plays on airwaves of our state. I also appreciate the company it keeps – both its generous sponsors and thoughtful audience. As such, it was a natural recommendation for us to our clients at Worksighted to sponsor your continuing work and earn exposure through on-air mentions.”

Vince Boileau, Strategist & Art Director,  Boileau Communications

“I’d recommend Michigan Radio sponsorship to any organization that is trying to reach an engaged audience. The value of the marketing budget is extended both by Michigan Radio’s coverage area and the high quality of the audience they reach.”

Janene Reichardt, Greenstreet Marketing for Brass Band of Battle Creek

“Calvin College is proud to partner with Michigan Radio. The Calvin community is made up of faculty, staff and students who consider complex issues and implement innovative and effective solutions—values shared by Michigan Radio listeners. The world needs stories of positive change and community renewal, and these are the kinds of stories that Calvin students and alumni are involved in. Likewise, these are the kinds of stories that Michigan Radio is telling.”

Michael K. Le Roy, President, Calvin College

Supporting our Ann Arbor and Michigan community is our privilege, and a priority. Through Michigan Radio, we can stay top-of-mind with our customers, while investing in an invaluable resource which we personally use every day. From local reporting like Stateside and The Environment Report, to NPR programming like BBC World Service and 1A, Michigan Radio is where our community turns to stay informed and go beyond the headlines. We frequently receive positive feedback from our customers who hear our Michigan Radio spot!”

Becky Winkler-Dhakal, Owner, Cardamom Fresh Indian Restaurant

“The Reinhart Company sponsorship of Michigan Radio is a win-win! We help to support the best in radio journalism, while reaching our most important target audience – our friends and clients at U of M and all over southeastern Michigan.”

Dave Lutton, President, Charles Reinhart Company Realtors

“We chose Michigan Radio because of their audience reach and the availability of programs to support that fit with our interests. Sponsorship has helped us promote our brand to an important audience segment, enhance our corporate image and demonstrate our support for public radio. Michigan Radio is a professional organization and a real pleasure to work with!”

Carolyn Bloodworth, Secretary/Treasurer, Consumers Energy Foundation 

“Michigan Radio sponsorship was a great choice for Detroit City Distillery. As a growing business, it’s important for us to get the word out about our local spirits. After our schedule aired, we had many new customers stop in and say they hadn’t heard of us before the radio spots. Being able to support a vital news service while marketing our business is a great feeling.”  

Paul McCormick, Partner, Detroit City Distillery


“Fingerle Lumber Company is proud and excited to support Michigan Radio.  The audience is the right demographic and reaches the right people so they become aware of our services. We are also glad to be a part in helping support programs of lifelong learning and an informed citizenry.”

John Fingerle, President, Fingerle Lumber Company

Choosing to sponsor Michigan Radio is a no-brainer. Michigan Radio listeners are thoughtful learners who relish diversity and seek information that broadens their understanding of the world and others. They recognize that fresh experiences invite innovative problem solving. Fishladder Inc.’s clients are those that know that conventional approaches don’t solve unconventional problems. We value Michigan Radio’s unconventional approach to programming and are proud to continue our partnership to sustain their unparalleled contribution to the conversation.

Mary Jane Pories, President, Fishladder Inc.

“Michigan Radio’s listeners are a compatible audience and the station articulates our message very well. Michigan Radio’s programing is appealing to the same constituency that would visit the Flint Institute of Arts which is one of the reasons we chose to sponsor them. Our message would reach actively engaged listeners. Michigan Radio representatives understand the Museum’s value and respect that relationship.”

Kathryn K. Sharbaugh, Director of Development, Flint Institute of Arts

“When world-class musicians are performing right in your own community, people want to know. Michigan Radio connects interested listeners with Fontana’s season lineup of concerts featuring the highest-caliber artists in the worlds of jazz and classical music. We value our partnership with Michigan Radio and thank them for transforming their listening audience to ours.”

David Baldwin, Executive & Artistic Director,  Fontana Chamber Arts

“Michigan Radio has been a great partner for the Grand Rapids Public Museum, and is wonderful to work with. Sponsorship of Michigan Radio is the perfect way to showcase our brand and what the museum has to offer to a large audience.  We have received positive feedback from our visitors, members and supports about Michigan radio, their programming and our spots on air.”

Kate Moore, Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations, Grand Rapids Public Museum

“Michigan Radio has brought regional exposure to the Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival as we strive to make Metro Detroit a destination for world-class musical experiences each June. Listeners share our values and commitment to community, and we are proud to support radio programming that enriches daily life in our region.”

Maury Okun, President, Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival

“As a leading intellectual property law firm in Michigan we rely on Michigan radio on a daily basis to reach our target audience of top business leaders. We are pleased to be part of a highly-respected and local organization that consistently provides important news and information to our community.”

Dave Roback, COO, Harness Dickey

“Michigan Radio is a perfect partner for Higher Grounds Coffee, it has helped us reach a core audience of forward thinking, community minded individuals across the state of Michigan who are aligned with our values and the mission of our company.”

Chris Treter, Co-founder and Director, Higher Grounds Trading Company

“Michigan Radio has been a significant partner in raising awareness of Impression 5 Science Center within communities that value hands-on learning, STEAM education, and interactive science programming across Michigan. As we work to completely reinvent the Science Center through our Play Create Challenge mission and refine our approach in engaging families in meaningful science exploration, we are proud to support an organization that values education and information.”

Erik Larson, Executive Director, Impression 5 Science Center


“We’ve been using Michigan Radio to promote our events since 2006. We continue to return to promotions with Michigan Radio year after year because they have the right audience for our message and they reach a broad coverage area. We also feel great knowing that our message is read as a part of high quality Michigan Radio content.”

Curtis Cunningham, Director of Marketing & Public Relations, Irving S. Gilmore International Keyboard Festival

Brenda Stringer, Chief Development Officer, John Ball Zoo

“Michigan Radio’s listeners are our friends, our family, and our travelers. They are curious, intellectual, and eager to understand and be a part of the larger world. The programming reflects the integrity and values we strive for every day.”

Robin Weber Pollak, President, Journeys International

Kerrytown Market & Shops is happy to sponsor Michigan Radio because we believe in their mission to provide high-quality journalism to the state. I like that the Michigan Radio audience hears our messages on air or live-stream, or sees our web tile on michiganradio.org, and associates the Kerrytown Market & Shops brand to the Michigan Radio/NPR brand.  Michigan Radio’s listeners are passionate about the station and committed to supporting it – and I believe that when they hear Kerrytown’s message, it reminds them to support our local, high quality market and shops as well.”

Heidi O’Neal-Hofer, CFO, Kerrytown Market & Shops

“Michigan Radio sponsorship has been an effective way to increase awareness of the Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center. We believe that affiliation with Michigan Radio influences opinions of like-minded consumers of arts and culture. We’d recommend sponsorship for any organization looking to reach a high quality audience.”

Barb Whitney, Executive Director, Lansing Art Gallery & Education Center

Michigan Radio has the audience and the reach across the state that we need to increase the visibility of our voter education services.  We found our sponsorship effective and would recommend sponsoring Michigan Radio to other organizations.

Judy Karandjeff, President, League of Women Voters of Michigan



“Local First supports Michigan Radio because we believe in the power of sharing stories. One of the reasons local businesses are so important is the unique story behind each one. These stories drive a connection, which builds trust and strengthens the community. The stories that Michigan Radio shares provide the same sense of empowerment to its listeners.”

Mieke Stoub, Marketing Manager, Local First

“The Macomb Center for the Performing Arts is proud to partner with Michigan Radio, enabling listener’s access to high-quality performances, including dance, comedy and more.  Together, the Macomb Center and Michigan Radio create a synergy that enriches all the communities in which we live.”

Casandra Ulbrich, PhD, VP for College Advancement and Community Relations, Macomb Center for the Performing Arts

“We love having a spot on Michigan Radio; in fact, we love being put on the spot, especially about intellectual property issues.  Michigan Radio excels in bringing you creative information in an innovative way; we excel at taking innovations and creatively protecting and enforcing them. We think that’s a pretty good marriage…one that is spot on.”

Sara L. Haas, Attorney, McGarry Bair

“Meijer has been a sponsor of Michigan Radio since 1989. Together, we inform and educate the public about ways to serve others through community sponsorships and corporate giving efforts, such as the Meijer “Simply Give” food pantry program, or the Meijer LPGA Classic presented by Kraft coming up July 21-26. Meijer and Michigan Radio are proud to make a positive difference in the communities we serve.”

J.K. Symancyk, President, Meijer Inc.

“Michigan Radio provides an excellent opportunity to reach new customers in our region and was a great choice for us. Our goal was to raise awareness of our events that have taken place in the Northville community for over 30 years. As a Michigan Radio listener myself, I value the news and information that is provided to our community on a daily basis. I am happy to support such worthy programming.”

Stephanie Jones, Founder & Director, Mercantile Events & Marketing

“Michigan Radio sponsorship has helped us reach our goal of increasing awareness of our brand. We specifically wanted to reach the public radio audience with our message and all of the feedback that we’ve gotten about our sponsorship has been positive.”

Christopher Tremblay, Director of External Engagement, Michigan College Access Network


I am very satisfied with our Michigan Radio Sponsorship. Although I have yet to hear it in person I have had other people tell me they have several times. We even had a couple come tour the boat for a wedding. They found out about us by hearing the Michigan Radio sponsorship in Grand Rapids! They are booking for next year! I think we will be increasing our sponsorship next year.”

Chris Chamberlain, Captain, Michigan Princess

“We have been very pleased with our Michigan Radio partnership. Not only are the staff at Michigan Radio excellent to work with, but we are also able to reach exactly the audience we need with our messages.”

Kari Marciniak, Director of Strategic Communications, Nature Conservancy – Michigan Chapter

“As an advertising agency, I recommend Michigan Radio sponsorships to my clients because of the great audience saturation that they provide, particularly in Washtenaw County.  All of my clients have been pleased with their choice to sponsor Michigan Radio.”

Amy Grambeau, Director, Orange Egg Advertising

“Plante Moran has been a long-standing sponsor of Michigan Radio for more than a decade.  As the only state-wide NPR news service, the listeners that Michigan Radio reaches live and work in the same areas across Michigan where our Plante Moran offices are located.  Our partnership has proven to be an effective way to introduce our accounting, consulting and wealth management services to a mass, qualified group of potential clients.”

Teresa McAlpine, Director of Marketing Operations, Plante Moran

“Plum Market and its guests are committed to supporting local farmers, growers, and artisans in Michigan. We hold tremendous regard for Michigan Radio’s ability to passionately tell the story behind local businesses and their efforts to grow healthier communities.”  

Marc Jonna, Co-Founder, Plum Market


“You can be confident that Michigan Radio will provide you with the personalized and detailed attention necessary to set up a marketing campaign that works best for your organization.  Michigan Radio is flexible and friendly as they work with sponsors to enhance visibility, broaden reach and deepen your impact in the community.  Their audience demographics are spot on with those of the Purple Rose, making this a wonderful fit and successful partnership.”

Katie Doral, Managing Director, Purple Rose Theater

“As a leading financial advisory firm to university faculty and staff, we realize that a large percentage of our clientele are Michigan Radio listeners.  We take pride in supporting our local not-for-profit organizations through board service and volunteer activities and are pleased to be able to partner with Michigan Radio in their efforts to build a more knowledgeable and engaged community.”

Todd Kephart, Managing Director, Retirement Income Solutions

“Supporting Michigan Radio has been very positive for Amtrak Michigan.  We are glad to support the educational programs that Michigan Radio offers, and being good community citizens, all while having Amtrak’s message reach this desirable audience.” 

Sherri Sharp, President, Sharp Marketing Associates


“We have partnered with Michigan Radio over the years for a selection of our public shows…those which have an upscale demographic and an audience that stretches across the state of Michigan, where Michigan Radio delivers.  We recognize that Michigan Radio may be the only way to reach their loyal, discerning audience, who use only one button on their radio.”

Henri Boucher, Vice President-Show Producer, Showspan


“Partnering with Michigan Radio has definitely benefited us. Their audience demographics and reach are exactly in line with the clients we attract, which makes this the perfect partnership.  Often when we place our spots, we receive immediate feedback and see increased traffic which is ultimately the goal.”

Christina Kim, Director of Marketing, Silver Maples Retirement Neighborhood


“The ability to target specific audiences through Michigan Radio led to extremely successful results, increasing the users of our One Cool Thing app by more than 30%. The campaign brought the app a larger audience of people who care as much about science, engineering and technology as we do.”

Jennifer Judge Hensel, Assistant Director & Content Strategist, University of Michigan College of Engineering

“In order to reach a broad base of education-minded individuals, we knew we had to find the right platform that would allow us to market ourselves towards the targeted audience. A sponsorship with Michigan Radio presented us with opportunities to expand our brand and increase awareness of our University and its programs. Our Michigan Radio sponsorship has assisted us with reaching our goals and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend future partnerships to our colleagues and friends.”

Allison Spoelhof, Marketing & Communications Specialist, University of Michigan – Flint

“We chose Michigan Radio sponsorship to spread the word about our graduate programs because it reaches such a high quality audience – and it reaches all across the state. We’ve gotten great feedback on our sponsorship message and we know that it’s helped increase awareness of our programs.”

Matt Bohlen, Interim Director of Graduate Admissions, University of Michigan – Flint Graduate Programs

“Michigan Radio’s audience are exactly who we are trying to reach with our MBA message.  Enrollments are up, which we attribute to our message on Michigan Radio.  The team at Michigan Radio is easy to work with and professional.  We appreciate being associated with Michigan Radio and have had a positive experience with the ‘halo effect’.”

Scott Johnson, Dean, University of Michigan Flint School of Management


“The University of Michigan Comprehensive Stroke Center, like Michigan Radio, is committed to the community it serves. Our specialists in stroke and neurovascular care offer the lifesaving techniques before and during as well as extensive rehabilitation after a stroke. Partnering with Michigan Radio has enabled us to reach you, the community with this important information.”

Jenevra Foley, Operations Director, University of Michigan Health System, Comprehensive Stroke Center


“We started sponsoring Michigan Radio in 2012 and noticed an immediate increase in our registrations to attend our annual Global Operations Conference. The UM co-op program has given us a way to make our already effective marketing with Michigan Radio go even further. Michigan Radio has been a consistent way to increase registrations to our Global Operations Conference and we’ll definitely be using it again in 2018.”

Theresa Ceccarelli, Marketing Manager, Tauber Institute for Global Operations at the University of Michigan.

“We have used Michigan Radio to publicize individual events in order to attract an audience beyond our usual attendees, and to increase community awareness of our center and the types of programs that we provide. Sponsorship of Michigan Radio brings the public to our internationally focused events and prestige to our organization through association with Michigan Radio. Sponsorship has been an effective way for us to promote our organization and we plan on continuing to do so in the future.”

Marysia Ostafin, Unit Management, University of Michigan Weiser Center for Europe and Eurasia

“Michigan Radio’s staff is well versed in crafting a message that will effectively reach their audience. We are pleased to reach such a coveted audience and to be associated with the strong programming that Michigan Radio provides.”

Mary Nickson, Associate Director, University of Michigan Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies


“We hear, time and time again, from the artists we present about how gracious, curious, and well-informed UMS audiences are. And we’re thrilled to have a community partner like Michigan Radio connecting us with those remarkable individuals who delight in the uncommon and engaging experiences that we bring to the stage.”

Mallory Shea, Marketing & Media Relations Coordinator, University Musical Society


“We know that there is a lot of crossover between arts-interested people and those that listen to Michigan Radio here in Toledo. Our sponsorship message on Michigan Radio is heard all across lower Michigan as well as in Toledo, so we know we are reaching the right audience to promote our events.”

Angela Riddel, Promotions Specialist, University of Toledo School of Visual and Performing Arts

“Michigan Radio’s listeners are smart, savvy, and interested in the world around them. They are a perfect audience for Williamston Theatre productions, and our sponsorship has allowed us to introduce ourselves, and our unique Michigan stories, to them. We are proud to support Michigan Radio and all they add to the dialogue about life in the 21st Century.”

John Lepard, Executive Director, Williamston Theatre