Thank You for Supporting Michigan Radio’s Values

Throughout this past year, Michigan Radio has continued to experience marked audience growth. With a weekly audience of 490,000 listeners, we are proud to remain the state’s most listened-to public radio service.Statewide, nationwide and around the world, our increasing audience of loyal listeners tunes in to daily news they know they can trust.

This is largely due to our corporate sponsors and their generous financial support of the programming and unparalleled news reporting that our listeners rely on. This past year our continued coverage of the Flint water crisis, the Environment Reports on PFAS, sexual assault survivor stories and political coverage was especially relevant to the state. We continue to break the most important new stories to Michigan communities, providing the thorough and in-depth reporting you expect.

Looking ahead to 2019, our Corporate Sponsors and contributing members will continue to be a vital part of Michigan Radio. Your support strengthens our resolve to provide you with the highest quality news. My sincere appreciation for each of you for helping to keep Michigan Radio vibrant and thriving.

With warmest regards from all of us at Michigan Radio.

Kathy Agosta, Director of Corporate Support

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