Converting Obstacles to Opportunities: No Political Ads = Less Competition

2018 is a mid-term election year.

As a listener, we’re sure you know that Michigan Radio is a reliable, unbiased news source for political and election coverage.  This results in a significant uptick in listener engagement and visits to our website in election years.

When you are weighing your options for your marketing budget, remember that Michigan Radio does NOT air political ads.  This means that YOUR message does not have to compete with the loud, obtrusive and aggressive political messaging that you’ll hear on other stations.

Though your impressions and reach will be higher in an election year, our prices do not increase – which means more bang for your buck.  You also won’t have to compete against politicos for your ideal schedule.

Contact us to find out more about getting your message in front of our listeners this election year – and don’t get drowned out!

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