Insights, Not Sound Bites: Building Relationships with Public Radio

The Principles of Public MediaPublic broadcasting includes media outlets that operate as a public service.  Unlike commercial broadcasting, public media is non-profit and operates from donations from private citizens and businesses.*

In previous posts on the principles of public media, we talked about what supporting a strong civil society means to us and how we do it with integrity.

This time we’re going to talk about how important building relationships are to our mission.

We rely on our community to provide us with their perspective, knowledge and experiences and to be a part of the conversations that we are having on a regular basis.  In return, we work hard to be respectful, honest and effective in the services that we provide.

We also rely on our community to support us financially, both personally and with corporate sponsorship.  We understand that businesses need their dollars to work for them, so we make sure that we help you find the best message schedule for your branding or event campaign.

Our account executives aren’t just here to sell air time – we are here because we care about the mission of Michigan Radio. More than that, we care about your business – we want to see you thrive and celebrate your success along side of you!

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*For more information about where NPR and NPR member stations get their funding, click here.

Industry Spotlight: Healthcare Providers

Due to Medicare’s quality incentive program, treatment outcomes directly impact your bottom line. Having a well-educated, affluent patient base increases compliance, which improves patient outcome.

The Affordable Care Act has increased the number of people with insurance, but many of the newly insured have Medicaid. While this increases reimbursement, the reimbursements are lower than those received from commercial policies. Michigan Radio is uniquely positioned to reach ideal potential patients with your message.


Contact us to find out more about how a Michigan Radio Corporate Sponsorship can help you grow your healthcare business!

Industry Spotlight: Legal Services

The biggest challenge that you face in the legal business is building a  quality client base in the area where you practice and with the income to keep your accounts receivable as low as possible.

Our listeners are educated and affluent, because they are 176% more likely to have an individual income of over $150,000, our audience has the financial capabilities to afford the services you provide.

Michigan Radio can reach the audience that needs the expert advice that you offer.


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Welcome to Fiscal Year 2016!

Welcome to Fiscal Year 2016!

By Kathy Agosta, Michigan Radio Director of Corporate Support

As we wrap up our fiscal year here at Michigan Radio, I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to all of our sponsors for your generous support during 2015.

Because of your commitment, we have been able to continue to provide and expand our service to Michigan.  Your investment has helped pay for programming that makes a difference in Michigan, while at the same time providing you with a unique opportunity to reach a receptive and engaged audience.

Your partnership with Michigan Radio means a great deal to us. We hope to continue the relationship into the new fiscal year.  For more information about additional sponsorship opportunities please take a moment to review our latest sponsorship offers, or contact your account executive or myself at

Industry Spotlight: Financial Services

You have worked hard to make sure that you are convenient, competitive, accessible and, most importantly, a safe financial solution for your customers.

Because our listeners are educated and affluent, they have the income to be an valuable member of your institution. For example, our listeners are 176% more likely than the average American to have an individual income of more than $150,000.

Sharing your message on Michigan Radio demonstrates your credibility through an association with our trusted and proven news service to this valuable community!



Contact us to find out more about how a Michigan Radio Corporate Sponsorship can help you grow your financial services business!


Converting Obstacles to Opportunities: Why NPR Listeners Take Action Without “Calls To Action”

By Carol Lawrence, Michigan Radio Account Executive

Why do NPR station listeners take action after hearing a message about a company that does not state a specific call to action such as:  “Call now”, “Visit us at…”,  or “Stop by”?  Let’s start with what NPR is, and why NPR airs corporate messages of support to begin with.

NPR, or National Public Radio, is a privately and publicly funded non-profit membership media organization that serves as a national syndicator to a network of approximately 900 public radio stations.  NPR produces and distributes news and cultural programming that is produced by NPR itself and other content providers such as American Public Media, Public Radio International, and Public Radio Exchange.   NPR is known to present fact-based, independent journalism that examines and airs diverse perspectives.  NPR journalists strive to tell stories in ways that transport the audience to the places where news is happening, and introducing the people affected. These are just two of the reasons that NPR is a unique service that is extremely valued by its members, listeners, and sponsors alike.

As non-profit organizations, National Public Radio stations rely on the financial support of listeners and corporate sponsors who, through their contributions, help make possible the service that NPR provides.  When a company makes a contribution to a public radio station, the station in return airs “thank you” messages, which always begin with…”Support for this station comes from…….”.  The essence of the message IS the very fact that the company is providing financial support for the NPR service in that community.  This alone ingratiates the company into the favor of the NPR listener. The secondary information in the message informs the listener about the funder in a “value-neutral, non-promotional” manner to further endear that company into the heart and mind of the listener.  The message can include things such as how many years the company has been in business, the services the company provides, and how to find out more about the company. 

It is understood that whenever a company shares information about their goods and services, in any form, they are doing so with the hope that you and I will take action and use their goods/services.   In other words, we already know that a company wants “action”, with or without an emphatic “call to action”.  And the good news is that if we do decide to take action we now more than ever have all of the tools necessary to find out anything further we would like to know after being introduced to a company of interest.  Even my 88 year old Mother knows how to use “the Google”!

The next time you hear or see an advertisement that begs:  “Come on by!”…or “Call us now!”…or “Don’t Delay!”…. please take a moment and evaluate for yourself.  Isn’t it already implied that the company wants you to do those things?  Why else would they have told you about their offerings?  Are you more compelled to take action because the company told you to do so?  Or like the NPR listener, are you just as, or even more,  compelled to become a patron of a company who spends all of their treasured time with you speaking factually, one-to-one,  to educate you about who they are and what they have to offer,  leaving you to decide for yourself whether or not to “call now”.

National Public Radio stations and their thousands of new and legacy sponsors are proof that when a sponsor message, sans a call to action, is heard on NPR, the listener responds.  NPR listeners know that, like themselves, the sponsor supports the NPR service that the listener values and trusts.  Secondly, the listener knows that the sponsor wants that listener to use their services. The bottom line is this: NPR and its listeners have trusted, proven, intimate relationships, which deliver time and again for the sponsors.   In such a close relationship, a call to action, truly and simply, goes without saying.

Thank You to Our Mid-Michigan Sponsors!

On May 1st we hosted our first Sponsor Appreciation event in Lansing for our mid-Michigan clients.  We enjoyed an afternoon dedicated to recognizing the contributions of valued Michigan Radio sponsors at The University Club of MSU, who provided a perfect venue for our event.

We appreciated getting to know our clients better and sharing with them more information about the programs that their sponsorship dollars support and we look forward to hosting future events for Corporate Sponsors covering all of the Michigan Radio listening area. Keep an eye on your email inbox for an invitation to the next event!

Thank you to the sponsors that were able to join us!

Consumers Energy

East Lansing Art Festival

East Lansing Summer Solstice Jazz Festival

Lansing Symphony Orchestra

MSU Alumni Association

MSU College of Music

MSU Residential College in Arts & Humanities

WMU Cooley Law School

Wharton Center for Performing Arts

Williamston Theatre

Why Public Radio is More Important Than Ever

The new president and CEO of NPR worked for nearly two decades in broadcast radio. But he says it’s his recent experience as a business executive and investor that will strengthen the 45-year-old media organization.

Check out this conversation with Jarl Mohn about the future of public radio on The Diane Rehm Show:

A Prairie Home Companion Comes to Detroit

The nation’s most popular radio variety show, Live at The Fox Theatre   Saturday, May 30, 2015, 5:45 p.m.

Duke Of September 2012 Production Rehearsal


National Sponsorship Recognition Opportunity

Garrison Keillor

A Prairie Home Companion hosts 4 million listeners in Lake Wobegon weekly, making it one of the largest public radio programs in the country. More than 600 public radio stations broadcast in all 48 states, with additional broadcasts on America One and The Armed Forces Networks in Europe and The Far East.  The show is also aired on Sirius Satellite Radio.  NPR listeners are, 50% more likely than the average American adult to make $75,0000 or more per year.

For your sponsorship, your company will receive…

ON-Air/On-line Underwriting Credit

  • One Nationwide underwriting credit on the national broadcast of Prairie Home Companion from The Fox Theatre on May 30, 2015. Your underwriting credit will also repeat during any future broadcasts, downloads and podcasts.

  • Your credit will air during the mid-show intermission and wording for the national credit follows this format: “Additional support for our Detroit performance has been provided by “Your Company Name”, followed by up to 15 words describing your product, for a total of 10 seconds.

Additional Michigan Radio ON AIR Recognition

  • Two week local schedule to be used within six months of the event

  • Choose from: 15 Michigan Radio spots, M-F, 5a-7p OR 12 Michigan Radio spots, M-F, 5a-7p plus a month-long web tile on

Fox Theatre 2

Event Recognition

  • Half page ad in the Fox Theatre program insert (4” x 5.25” – distribution 5000+)

  • Sponsor logo on signage in the Fox Theatre lobby and at the post-show reception with our Michigan Radio donors and guests

  • Sponsor materials at Michigan Radio booth in Fox Theatre lobby on night of show

  • Sponsor logo and website link on Michigan Radio’s A Prairie Home Companion webpage

  • Two tickets for the show and the post-show reception

Contact your account executive or Kathy Agosta at to inquire about this investment opportunity!