Converting Obstacles to Opportunities: “Michigan Radio listeners aren’t really the people we want to reach…”

As a marketer, your primary goal is to reach your target audience.

Are you a Michigan Radio listener? If you aren’t, you may not have an idea of who our audience is.

The Michigan Radio audience covers the entire political spectrum:

  • 23% of listeners identify as conservative

  • 19% of listeners identify as liberal

  • 21% of listeners sit in the middle of the road politically

The Michigan Radio audience spans a great spectrum of ages:

  • 53% are 25 – 54

  • 46% are 18 – 49

Michigan Radio listeners have a wide range of interests:

  • 74% have attended a movie in the last 6 months and 35% prefer action movies

  • 58% participate in some kind of regular exercise and are twice as likely to try kayaking, sailing, and downhill skiing

  • 41% more likely than the average U.S population to have gone camping the past year

Michigan Radio listeners are engaged:

  • 68% vote regularly

  • 25% have fundraised

  • 93% particiated in public activities

Michigan Radio listeners ARE the audience you’re trying to reach!  Contact us for more details!