Insights, Not Soundbites: High Quality, High Credibility

Corporate Sponsorship with Michigan Radio creates an impression of quality and credibility for the sponsor because Michigan Radio provides quality programming to our listeners and is viewed as a credible source of news and information.

By sponsoring Michigan Radio, you are linking your brand to our quality and credibility and allowing it to “spill-over” onto your brand.  Your brand will be seen as more credible by our quality audience because you are associated with us!

How does the quality and credibility of Michigan Radio help you?

  • Builds recognition of your brand with our high quality audience

  • Builds trust of your brand – our listeners are more likely to choose a Michigan Radio sponsor over a competitor when it comes time to make a buying decision

  • Builds your brand’s credibility

Check out information on the Halo Effect or contact us for more information!

Converting Obstacles to Opportunities: What Makes a GREAT Web tile?

Your digital sponsorship will increase your exposure to Michigan Radio’s highly coveted audience. With more than 870,000 pageviews per month, you can reach the more than 346,000 unique users that visit our website monthly.

Make the most of your digital sponsorship with a web tile that will get attention and generate clicks!


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Industry Spotlight: Museums, History & Culture

Michigan Radio’s audience is intelligent, affluent and engaged…and they are interested in what you have to offer!

By putting your message directly in front of your target audience, you will be able to showcase your product and build brand awareness with a broader scope of consumers.


Contact us to find out more about how a Michigan Radio Corporate Sponsorship can help you spread the word about your museum!

Industry Spotlight: Educational Events

Michigan Radio believes in the power of education and so do our listeners. Because our audience is actively engaged in the community, they have an interest in educational programming.

For example, our listeners are 178% more likely to attend a public rally or speech and 78% of listeners have an interest in the welfare of society.

With 86% of our listeners valuing their education, your message will reach a broad, intellectual base of listeners that are uniquely capable of supporting events that they are passionate about.


Contact us to find out more about how a Michigan Radio Corporate Sponsorship can help promote your educational event and watch your audience grow!

Reaching out to Michigan

As a Michigan Radio Sponsor, you’ll reach the most coveted of audiences available: discerning, affluent, educated, engaged.

Perhaps more importantly, you’ll reach that audience where YOU are doing business.

Michigan Radio’s listening area reaches all of southern Michigan, from coast to coast. If you are doing business in Michigan, we have the audience for you, with our signal reaching 80% of the population of the state!

Contact us to find out more about how you can reach the right audience in the right area to build your brand awareness!

Michigan Radio Coverage Map 2015 print large


Industry Spotlight: Insurance Providers

In the rapidly changing industry, it is essential to build relationships with decision makers at businesses that are seeking insurance solutions that you can provide.

In fact, our listeners are 98% more likely than the  average American to be the purchaser of insurance at their place of work, and with 53% of listeners  obtaining their medical insurance from their places of work, reaching out directly to individuals looking to purchase policies in the healthcare marketplace is essential to diversifying your client base.

In Addition, The Affordable Care Act has increased the number of people with insurance, but many of the newly insured have Medicaid or Medicaid HMO plans, which have a lower profit and higher rate of claim. NPR  listeners are 67% more likely than the average American to have a traditional fee-for-service health plan and half as likely to have Medicaid, meaning that you can sell your high quality insurance services to those who are looking for just that.

Michigan Radio can reach the audience that is looking for YOU to meet their insurance needs.


Contact us to find out more about how a Michigan Radio Corporate Sponsorship can help you grow your health insurance business!

Industry Spotlight: Healthcare Providers

Due to Medicare’s quality incentive program, treatment outcomes directly impact your bottom line. Having a well-educated, affluent patient base increases compliance, which improves patient outcome.

The Affordable Care Act has increased the number of people with insurance, but many of the newly insured have Medicaid. While this increases reimbursement, the reimbursements are lower than those received from commercial policies. Michigan Radio is uniquely positioned to reach ideal potential patients with your message.


Contact us to find out more about how a Michigan Radio Corporate Sponsorship can help you grow your healthcare business!

Branding with Michigan Radio: Customer Experience

In part one of the ‘Branding with Michigan Radio’ series, we defined branding. You can read that here.  In part two, we talked about the perception of your brand, which you can read here.

In this part of the Branding with Michigan Radio series, we’re going to talk about how your customer’s experience impacts your brand.

Solidify your customer’s positive perception by giving them an EXPERIENCE to remember.

In part two, Bill heard how great you are, he’s in the store and you need to back that up by actually being great.  If that smart manager he heard about lets Bill down, any positive perception that he may have had is out the window.

If you give Bill a good experience, you have reinforced the perceptions that you have built with your branding strategy and your marketing tactics.

We’re sure that your organization has the ability to deliver a positive experience – but how are you getting the word out about that experience?

Contact us to increase the positive perception of YOUR organization today!

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Making the Connection: The Halo Effect

The positive sentiment that listeners have towards companies that support the community service of NPR and public radio stations is known as the “halo effect”.

NPR listeners believe associated companies are responsible, stable, professional, credible and socially conscious. They also believe they are good stewards, kindred spirits, community-focused, and smart marketers!

Halo Effect A

 Contact us or contact your account executive to find out how we can put the halo effect to work for you!

Industry Spotlight: Legal Services

The biggest challenge that you face in the legal business is building a  quality client base in the area where you practice and with the income to keep your accounts receivable as low as possible.

Our listeners are educated and affluent, because they are 176% more likely to have an individual income of over $150,000, our audience has the financial capabilities to afford the services you provide.

Michigan Radio can reach the audience that needs the expert advice that you offer.


Contact us to find out more about how a Michigan Radio Corporate Sponsorship can help you grow your law practice!